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Complex Property Group

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The Brief

Complex is a Melbourne based Project & Facility Services business with staff working across several states.  Keeping track to company wide client and subcontractor inductions has been challenging, particularly where clients have multiple sites with varying requirements.  Complex use an online company wide induction to meet its internal OHS obligations.

The Challenge

Within a matter of minutes, Complex staff and sub-contractors were individually allocated Service Requests via myPSR holding site specific access & induction information; including but not limited to key safe codes, contactor parking bay locations, security control room phone numbers, client based induction information and various stakeholder contact details.  Once the individual staff and sub-contractors completed the client required site specific induction, they confirmed this to Complex head office by closing off the Service Request via their mobile, confirming they were ‘ready to go’!

The Result

Complex management’s ability to confirm from anywhere at any time their individual staff and sub-contractor Compliance Status.

What We Learnt

We didn’t need someone in the office to allocate and keep track of staff and sub-contractor inductions.  This can now done by anyone with access to myPSR.

Visit their website for more information –

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